Opera electronic locks
Manufacturer of solenoid bolts, motor locks, magnetic door retainers, electric handles for fire proof doors
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Locking system
Fire security equipment
Opera catalogue
Narrow style intelligent solenoid locks
Electric deadbolt GATE LOCK
Opera Gate bolt
Motorised lock
Maxima Motor Lock
Electric Rim Lock

Opera rim electric lock

Narrow style Solenoid locks PRIMA series
Fire hold open magnets - FIRE CONTROL
Solenoid bolt for single door Door retainers for fire proof doors
Solenoid bolt for interlocking Door retainers for heavy fire proof doors
Solenoid lock Door retainers for industrial applications
Maxi solenoid bolt Magnetic door holder 240V  
  Flush mounting door holders
Fire hold open magnets
Opera 19002
Electric deadbolt for external gates
Electric bolt for hinged or sliding gates
Accessories for fire proof doors
Electric bolt for automatic garage doors Single zone fire controller
Motorised deadbolt LEGION series - NEW Electromagnets for fire doors application
  Time delay electronics for magnets
Electric lock
Drive unit and brake for sliding doors
Horizontal solenid bolt Classica series Hydraulic dampers
Cabinet electric lock - NEW Call points
Electric lock for armoured cabinets  
Electric lock for double action doors  
Motorised deabolt Maxima series  
Electric rim lock for external gates  
Electric rim motor lock - NEW
Electromagnetic locks
Solenoid lock - drop bolt
Electromagnetic lock MICRO series - 150kg
Electrically operated handle
Opera electric handle
Solenoid bolt for drawers and cabinets Electromagnetic lock MINI series - 300Kg
Solenoid bolt for doors & windows Electromagnetic lock MAXI series - 600Kg
Solenoid bolt with mechanical override Shear lock
Solenoid bolt extra short - no signal Electromagnetic lock with pull handle
Electric bolt for sliding doors Stainless steel magnets weatherproof
Electric strikes
Access control
Standard electric strike Access control MINILINK
Narrow style electric strike 16mm Access control MULTILINK
High security electric strike Anti-vandal code keypad - stand alone
Electric strikes for armoured doors Dallas key reader
Electric strike for panic bars Doora Gsm door opener - NEW
Radial electric strike Bluetooth access control reader - NEW
Access control
Electric strike for fire proof doors Escape doors system
Electric strike for glazed doors Door opening Alarm
Electric strike Preload - NEW Acces control for ATM areas
  Voice synthesis circuit
  Motorised cylinder - NEW
  RFID Handle set - NEW
  Wireless keypad - NEW
Door status indicator
Door status indicator
Power supply & batteries Door status indicator Profilo Design
Power supply with time delay Intercom porter
Magnetic contact Step lights
Mechanical contact Indicator lamps and intercome system
Sensitive handles    
Control consoles  
Indicator lamps
opera 55030
Interlocking control units  
Key switch  
Interlocking systems with security locks
Tappet contacts  
Indicator lamps Corni look alike  
Cable covers  
Timer for electric lock  
Remote control  
Weekly timer  
Digital Door Viewer - NEW  
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Opera Srl - Via Portogallo 43 - 41122 Modena - Italy - Tel +39 059 451708