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Electric lock for sliding doors

Security lock for sliding doors

Opera 23812

Electric bolt for sliding doors

Ref. 23822 - 12Vdc
Ref. 23824 - 24Vdc

Ref. 23822FG - 12Vdc with open release lever
Ref. 23824FG - 24Vdc with open release lever

Security electric lock
Stainless steel body - Nickeled tempered steel block pin on stainless steel counterplate
Strength of resistance to breaking and entering: 800 kg
Unlocking under preload ( max. 50N )
Mechanical opening with European cylinder. Locked without power supply
Front panel lock and stainless steel counterplate
Counterlock with pin release system when the door is open - Pin diameter 9.5 mm, extension 25 mm
Power supply: 12 or 24 V DC. - Current absorbed: 1,000 mA at 12 V / 500 mA at 24 V
Opening: limited to the duration of the impulse with current limiter - Backset: 28 mm C. / N.A. / N.C. microswitch of inserted pin position

Electric locks for doors and sliding doors with key release and remote control of the lock status (open or closed) and therefore of the door

How does it work ?

Lock dimensions

23822 drawing


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