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Open your door or your automatic gate by your mobile phone from everywhere in the world


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Gsm door opener totally made in Italy

Configuration via SMS or software

BED & BREAKFAST function with keypad managed from remote

It can be managed by free App for iOS and Android



Opera 57501

product code : 57501RF




  • No call charges - the GSM door opener rejects the call from authorized number then carries out the turn ON/OFF action on the first ring

  • Remote control of lock status

  • 2 relay output standard, expandable up to 18

  • On arrival, the guest can enter the apartment directly digiting a code given by the host

  • The host can provide an enter code by APP or open the door directly from remote

GSM Door opener


White ABS body for wall mounting
Dimensions : mm. 158 x 100 x 40

Power supply : 12/24 Vdc – 12/18 Vac - power supply not included
Power draw : 90 mA at 12 Vdc

Internal GSM module SIM Card Slot

It allows remote check-in to rent apartments or B&B rooms - fast and uncomplicated check-in at any time - no key collection

57501 - basic version
Relay triggering by SMS or free call - up to 1000 different users ( telephone numbers) - Software available on demand - free App

57501RF - top version
Relay triggering with SMS or free call – up to 1000 different users – possibility to manage check-in and authorisations via PC – radio communication between GSM opener and entrance keypad.
Connection with 57512RF keypad for opening with code, B&B function

Remote opening of the door

Mini USB connector for firmware update and configuration

2 relay output C/NO/NC (12 V/2 A max) independently selectable with timed monostable contact, timed from 1 to 60 s (eg. lock opening) or bistable contact (eg. activating and deactivating alarm) by mobile phone



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Free APP per iOS e Android

It allows the management of new users from remote, keypad code changing and checking of rooms availability

Direct opening of the door from remote








Keypad code changing from remote by SMS



57512RF - code keypad

57513 - radio module relay

Container body in ABS, dimensions (mm): 129 x 46 x 30
Keypad with 10 numeric keys plus Enter button
Membrane front in polycarbonate, dome shaped keys with touch effect
Internal buzzer for key press indication

Operating Voltage: 12Vac/dc

Two coloured red/green LED for indication of operating status
Radio connection 433MHz with GSM Opener 57501RF
Operating distance: 50Mt in open space

Codes available : Up to 1000
No wiring between keypad and GSM
Codes are programmable by SMS

Abs white container, dimensions mm 66 x 50 x 20
Operating voltage 12Vac/dc – 24Vdc

Two coloured red/green LED for indication of operating status
Relay Output C./N.O./N.C. (12V – 2A max)
433Mhz Radio transmission to GSM Opener 57501RF or to Keypad 57512RF

Operating distance: 50Mt in open space
Up to 16 addresses with internal switch configurable

This relay module is triggered by GSM Opener 57501RF. Sending a specific SMS, you can activate a door lock, a light switch, watering system etc. If paired with keypad 57512RF or 57512SRF it allows the control up to 16 different keypads to manage 16 different doors with just one GSM opener. No wiring

057501 - software


057502 - modem for sending SMS

Opera 057502

Programming software runs on PC only. It is used to configure all users/guests without using SMS

License required.

Modem interface for using the software 057501 from remote