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Access control system with internal EM reader and Digital Keypad Operation


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Wireless Keypad and proximity reader

57320 - Battery keypad

Indoor use

Container body in black ABS
Keypad dimensions (mm): 135 x 54 x19
Radio push button dimensions (mm) : 83 x 40 x16
Controller dimension (mm): 65 x 54 x 19

Power supply:
Keypad: 3units of AAA batteries
Controller: 12Vdc
Push button: 2023 Lithium battery

Operating temperature: -20° +60°
Frequency operation: 2,4 GHz – rolling code

Code cancellation: single or total
500 PIN / card users - 125KHz EM Card
PIN length: 4~8 digits
Communication distance : 15m Max
Pulse mode, toggle mode Tri-colour LED status display

Ultra-low power consumption (wireless keypad<10uA, Wireless Exit Button: <10uA)

Standard package is controller + keypad + wireless exit button

Block of keypad operation after insertion of 10 incorrect codes with activation of auto-reset in 10 minutes

Easy to install – wireless keypad




Mini radio controller
Wireless exit button
Dimensions: 65 x 54 x 19 mm Dimensions: 83 x 40 x 16 mm


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