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Stand alone Keypad for external application


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Code keypad with backlit buttons

High visible bi-coloured backlit keypad

Supports up to 6 digit pin codes with timed wrong code lockout




Opera 57312
Opera 57313

57312 - Keypad flush mount

Body in anodized aluminium
Dimensions mm 120 x 46 x 3

57313 - Keypad surface mount

Body in anodized aluminium
Dimensions mm 110 x 40 x 15

IP rating IP 65

Keypad with backlit buttons
Operating voltage: 12 Vac/dc – 24 Vac/dc - Absorbed current: 30 mA in stand-by / 60 mA with relay active
Internal buzzer for key press indication

Housed-in electronics for:

Management of the lock opening command
Output relay N.O – N.C – (12/24Vac/dc – 1,5A max) - Timed output contact from 1-99 seconds for control of lock opening
Up to 500 codes can be memorised from 2 to 6 digits
Input N.O for door opening command
Code cancellation: single or total
Keypad with 10 numeric keys plus Enter button

Block of keypad operation after insertion of 5 incorrect codes with activation of auto-reset in 1 minute