Electric rim lock with Euro-profile cylinder
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Stainless steel made with aluminium cover

Automatically closing deadbolt

Weather proof

Made in Italy

Easy installation



A GSM opener is also available for remote control of the lock

Motorised rim lock for gates and doors

Opera 28003
Cylinder only - no push button
  • 28201.1.60
Right hand - backset 60mm
  • 28201.2.60
Left hand - backset 60mm
  • 28201.1.80
Right hand - backset 80mm
  • 28201.2.80
Left hand - backset 80mm


Cylinder and internal push button
  • 28203.1.60
Right hand - backset 60mm
  • 28203.2.60
Left hand - backset 60mm
  • 28203.1.80
Right hand - backset 80mm
  • 28203.2.80
Left hand - backset 80mm


The lock shown in the picture is Right Hand  

Rim Version
Stainless steel lock body and striking plate - supplied without cylinder - see chart to set cylinder dimension
Anodized aluminum lock and plate cover
Deadbolt closed in case of power failure – fail secure Mechanical opening from outside with euro-profile cylinder Backset mm 60 or 80

Stainless steel deadbolt dimensions 35 x 12 mm (stroke 25 mm)
Burglar resistant device on deadbolt in the closed position Power supply: 12/24Vac/dc
Absorbed current 200mA at 12Vdc

Hall effect sensor for door position
Closing timing if door not opened adjustable from 5 s to 60 s
Output relay contact C/NO/NC for deadbolt status indication (only M version) Two colour red/green LED for deadbolt open/closed status reporting Nighttime LED ground illumination, blue when deadbolt closed and white when deadbolt open
Suitable for outdoor operation – weather proof, internal self-heating.
When temperature drops below 5°C, coil warms-up to avoid freezing

Weather proof - Self regulating antifreezing system







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Night time LED ground illumination