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How to turn an existing mechanical lock into a motorised opening, activable by remote with your smartphone

Euro profile cylinder, battery powered, for multipoint locks and armoured doors. It is installed in minutes, with no need for any wiring or drilling



Motor euro-profile cylinder made for being use on existing doors simply replacing the mechanical cylinder

It can be used instead of an electric strike

The Opera Motor cylinder can be managed by an APP or SMS using the DOORA GSM SYSTEM

No wiring, No internet connection. Battery powered

  • 08020 07RF - Cylinder lenght 31 - 37/43
  • 08020 08RF - Cylinder lenght 35 - 35/41
  • 08020 09RF - Cylinder lenght 40 - 35/41
Dimensions chart in Pdf
  • Euro-profile cylinder

  • Dimensions: - Diameter: 60mm - Standard lenght can be extended up to 6mm

  • Battery powered: - n°5 Alkaline AA o rechargeable AA - average battery life 3000+ operations

  • Remote controller: - rolling code radio frequency 434Mhz - Possibiity to program up to 40 remote radio controller

  • Supplied with 5 copiable keys

Fully integration with the DOORA gsm system for B&B and Airbnb, using the Radio Interface 57519RF
Usable by bluetooth signal by mean of smarphone and tablet using the Opera 57401 bluetooth reader

It can be connected with any existing device using the radio module 57519RF

Suitable for all euro-profile cylinders mortice locks - it doesn't prevent the use of the lock by normal key


57519RF - Radio Interface

57519RF - Radio Interface

Radio interface to control the cylinder from remote. Ideal for use with the DOORA GSM SYSTEM
Power supply 12-24Vdc / 12-18Vac

Input: Opening button and magnetic sensor

Output: Alarm, radio transmission to activate the cylinder

Possible functions: Automatic re-locking if door is not moved after 20sec - Immediate re-locking when door is closed after moving - Alarm if the door stay open more than 5 Min