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Access control system with internal EM reader and Digital Keypad Operation


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Opera - 57300



57300 - Stand alone keypad




Code Keypad and proximity reader

57300 - Anti-vadal keypad for external application

Rating: IP 65

Container body in anodized aluminium
Dimensions (mm): 151 x 44 x 24
Keypad with backlit buttons
Operating voltage : 12/24 Vac/dc
Absorbed current : 30 mA in stand-by / 60 mA with relay active
Internal buzzer for key press indication

Internal management electronics for:
Management of the lock opening command (management of 2 doors with only one keypad)
Tamper contact with alarm activation

Built in electronic circuit inside the keypad
Timed output contact from 1-99 seconds for control of lock opening
Up to 1,000 codes can be memorised
Up to 10 transponder cards at 125 KHz can be memorised

Programming of access with only PIN, only transponder or PIN + transponder

Memorisation of separate codes for door 1 or door 2
Activation of tamper alarm

Code cancellation: single or total
Keypad with 10 numeric keys plus Enter button
Call push button can be activated
Block of keypad operation after insertion of three incorrect codes with activation of the alarm and timed auto-reset contact

Input for door sensor with N.C. contact (open with door closed)
Relay 1 with C./N.O./N.C contacts for opening of electromechanical locks
Relay 2 with C./N.O./N.C contacts selectable alternatively for:
- alarm signalling (burglary, invalid codes)
- door opening




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