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Motorised IP CAM

Motorised IP Cam - Plug&Play - HIT series

Opera 57600

57600 - Motorised IP CAM - HIT series

The IP Camera is designed for all day video surveillance on your iPhone/iPad and Android mobiles/pads.

The setup is truly 1-2-3 :

  1. Connect the camera to the network
  2. Download the app mCamView into your iPhone/iPad or Android
  3. View video by the camera ID/password

The push notification is supported, so that you will get the notification from your iPhone/iPad and Android once there is any events detected through the PIR body sensor or sound detector on the camera, even when your mobile is on sleep mode

The pan/tilt functions allow the mobile user to pan./tilt the camera through a finger move on the mobile screen. You could monitor the whole room with a single camera

For day & night usage, there are two video sensors/lens on the camera, one for day and one for night. The day lens and night lens focus are separately tuned for day light and Infra Red light for best video quality. No ICR, no mechanical problem

Two-way audio is supported. You can monitor the synchronized video/audio and talk to or warn the people around the camera from your iPhone/iPad and Android once you got the push notification. There is a built-in speaker and a speaker jack is provided so that you could connect any high power speaker to the camera for your needs

The WPS(WiFi Protected Setup) is supported. You could set up the WiFi connection of the camera with the router by clicking the WPS button on the camera and on the router at the same time. No more complicated WiFi configuration

An infrared thermometer is provided. You could monitor the temperature of the environment of the camera. And you could setup the camera to trigger alarm when the environment temperature is out of a specified range

The IP camera is ideal for securing small businesses, home offices and residences. The IP Camera is a perfect replacement of the alarm system and baby monitor in your house and shop

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