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Stainless steel made with aluminium cover

Three backsets in one lock 50-60-70mm

Automatically closing deadbolt

Weather proof

Made in Italy

Easy installation




The Opera electric rim lock for gates and doors can be operated by single 12Vac impulse and the connection is made by just 2 wires

The electric rim lock Gate lock series can be operated by any intercom system

A GSM opener is also available for remote control of the lock

Electric rim lock for gates and doors

Opera 28003
  • 28001.1
Inwards opening with key - right hand
  • 28001.2
Inwards opening with key - left hand
  • 28003.1
Inwards opening with push button and key - right hand
  • 28003.2
Inwards opening with push button and key - left hand

The lock shown in the picture is Right Hand


Opera 28002

  • 28002.1
Inwards opening with knob cylinder- right hand
  • 28002.2
Inwards opening with knob cylinder- left hand

The lock shown in the picture is Right Hand


Electric rim lock automatically closing

Stainless steel lock body - Stainless steel backplate - Anodized aluminum lock cover and armature plate - See dimensions

Deadbolt closed when de-energized
Mechanical opening from outside with round cylinder
Mechanical opening from the inside for versions with cylinder, knob or button

Adjustable backset mm 50 –60 –70

Stainless steel deadbolt dimensions 18 x 28 mm (stroke 25 mm)
Burglar resistant device on deadbolt in the closed position

Power supply: 12/24 Vac/dc
Absorbed current 1,2 A peak, 100 mA for maintenance
Opening command selectable between 2 wires (alternating current) and 4 wires (direct current)

Hall effect sensor for door position
Closing timing if door not opened adjustable from 5 s to 60 s
Output relay contact C/NO/NC for deadbolt status indication (only M version)

Two colour red/green LED for deadbolt open/closed status reporting
Night time LED ground illumination, blue when deadbolt closed and white when deadbolt open

Weather proof - Self regulating antifreezing system

On request:
P/N + N black anodized cover
P/N + BR bronze anodized cover
P/N + M version with remote deadbolt status relay


Cover plate for Opera Electric rim lock

Stainless steel cover plate for mounting the Gate lock on a gate

Opera back plate


  • 00280 - Stainless steel cover








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Night time LED ground illumination